Sharing Our Wealth

STW Initiative

From the inception of our record label, part of our mission has always been to give back to the community, to – Share the Wealth. In this spirit, we launched our first philanthropic event this March, to share our growing success from swelling number of artists and flagship projects, with local charitable organizations.

We came up with a limited time design for a T-Shirt that was promoted on our website, Instagram and Facebook, all proceeds from which were to be donated to a charity of our choice. Fortunately, we did not take long to deliberate about our first community organization to give back to.

“The Marfan Foundation became my charity of preference because of the direct impact Marfan Syndrome has had on my family,” says one of our founding artists, Nick Mendez. “ At a young age, my older brother, Daniel was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. As a result, my older brother experienced a handful of major surgeries, including a full constructive spine surgery, an open-heart surgery, and multiple corrective surgeries. At the worst of my brother’s experiences, he’s explained it as, ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m dying as I’m living.’”

“The purpose of this charity event was to bring awareness to the foundation, and provide resources needed to bring about a solution. Especially one that hits so close to home.”

“Throughout March we raised a total of $313.24 by selling 19 shirts,” celebrated our manager, Ise. With our burgeoning number of artists we have added to the label since 2017, and our recognition inside the community, we are excited about continuing to share our growth with community organizations through our Share the Wealth Initiative.

For our next event, we are looking forward to contributing to organizations that support communities and rights of Black and Trans people.


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