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STW Records from Home

Although the COVID-19 epidemic has taken a severe toll on the musical industry, especially up-and-coming artists, STW musicians have ramped up their efforts to secure their position.

In April, our pensive talent, Iain Paul, produced his Lofi Quarantine mix, which portrays the pain of life under the prolonged quarantine in an incompetent state that is not concerned with the suffering of its population. The mix features topical media clips over masterfully integrated ethereal sounds and acute percussion, with remarkable cover art designed by the inspired Jake Hogue.

Iain Paul also hopped on an upbeat summer track co-produced by the lively Birdy Dastard that was released on 7/28. You can catch Iain’s lyrical debut on the self described ‘sadboi banger’ Scuffed Shoes on all platforms. They encourage you to stream the record and tell them they look cute today.

Another STW banger was released on 7/24, with a rapping debut from our manager, I5e, joining Farouq’s melodic lyrics on the…

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