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2021 Stimmy

Share the Wealth wrapped up the chaotic 2020 with some melancholic productions from our musical talent. Iain Paul led this wave with his second iteration of Loosy, Loosy 2 , an extension of his vibey debut album, which dropped in October. The project features the wonderfully wistful record, Hollow , with an appearance from another STW talent, Farouq. Iain may also be planning to bless us with another project very soon, so keep your ears ajar. Birdy Dastard collaborated with the ethereal voices of Diandra Sithe and Iain Paul on the new track Heaven , that we’ve had on repeat since December. He says his new album is dropping around March, along with the single Stagefright. Noah wanted the album to be about love, but ended up writing about his anxieties, “it was therapeutic,” he says. “I was able to work through some things and it was a chance to be nice to myself.” Noah has been exploring a new genre of music and realized that his previous work has been building up to this. When

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